Depression in Men

How To End Depression In Men

Depression is a condition that occurs in both men and women however men feel it in a different way from what is obtainable with depression in women. Depression in men is associated with symptoms such as fatigue, depressed mood, and loss of interest in work or hobbies, concentration problems, weight and sleep disturbances. There are three main types of depression: minor depression, major depression, and dysthymic disorder.

  1. Minor Depression – Here, symptoms don’t last for a long period and are less severe compared to major depression and dysthymic disorder.
  2. Major Depression – This involves severe symptoms that alter the way one eat, sleep, study, work, as well as enjoy life.
  3. Dysthymic Disorder – The dysthymic disorder symptoms is less severe than that of major depression and are more severe than minor depression symptoms.

SymptomsDepression in Men

Most common symptoms in men can be grouped into three classes namely anger, reckless behavior, and physical pain.

  1. Anger: symptoms under this class could be short temper, irritability, loss of sense of humor to road rage, violence, or sensitivity to criticism.
  2. Reckless Behaviour: men suffering from depression are often involved in reckless behaviors such as intensive gambling, driving recklessly, abuse of drugs, engaging in unsafe sex, pursuing dangerous sports, or excessive drinking.
  3. Physical Pain: Symptoms here include frequent headaches, sexual dysfunction, sleep problems, digestive disorders, or a backache.

Fighting Depression

How to fight depression is mainly dependent on the affected individual and how he or she is determined to fight the illness. The following ways will assist you in fighting depression:

  1. Keep yourself busy
  2. Carry out tasks you previously liked to do
  3. Watch funny videos (Movies, Comedy Skits etc.)
  4. Always be in the company of family and friends
  5. Get to the root of the problem (Think about what could be making you angry)


The first major step to take as regards how to treat depression is by recognizing the condition. It is essential to treat depression in a way that any serious condition would be treated. How to treat depression includes the use of psychotherapy, antidepressant medication, or a bit of both. The majority of those suffering from depression could be treated via the previously mentioned mediums. You can contact the following set of people if you need help with depression.

–           Private Clinics and Facilities

–           Mental Health Specialists such as Mental Health Counsellors, Psychologists, Social Workers, Psychiatrists

–           State Hospital Outpatient Clinics and Psychiatry Departments

–           Family Doctors

–           Hospital Outpatient Clinics and Psychiatry Departments

Overcoming Depression

Prescription medications don’t work for all depression cases. To this effect, affected individuals can make use of these natural ways of overcoming depression:

  1. Healthy Foods Intake: Eating a lot of healthy foods such as coconut oil, wild salmon, nuts, grass-fed meat, olive oil, and avocados is an effective way of overcoming depression.
  2. Meditation: The act of meditating is a great way to overcome depression due to the fact that it decreases stress hormone cortisol levels, which is a significant contributor to depression; kills brain inflammation fire; limits negative self-talk and puts the mind at rest.
  3. Remedies for Depression: The use of remedies could be a potent weapon in the bid to overcome depression.
  4. Steer Clear Of Processed Foods: It is important to stay away from fast foods, commercial baked goods, and processed foods. Unprocessed foods eliminate depression-induced additives like MSG, artificial sweeteners, and white sugar aside promoting food nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and others.
  5. Physical Exercise: This is a great way to overcome depression. It promotes circulation for more glucose, nutrients, and oxygen to the brain thereby elevating mood and overcoming depression.
  6. The attitude of Gratitude: Developing a constant attitude of gratitude can possibly lead to improvement in relationships, sleep, health, and self-esteem.

Natural Remedies for Depression

Using remedies is a great way to overcome depression. The following are natural remedies for depression:

  1. Green Tea
  2. Vitamin B
  3. Magnesium
  4. Pumpkin Seeds
  5. Healthy Diet

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